ARTICLE- Nigerians are you Mumu?

Naijabanger is not a political fanatic but this came from one patriotic NB reader, and its very touching+++++

You are a MUMU. Yes I said it.

You are a Mumu! If you think Goodluck Jonathan still has anything to offer Nigeria as a president. A president that his achievements can’t be seeing in our neighborhood and streets except on twitter. No impact on at all! A president who said on national TV that the army didn’t inform him that they were not ready for election.
That just shows incompetence on his part as a President for Christ sake he is the GCFR and if you don’t know the meaning of that. GCFR mean – Grand Commander of the Order of Federal Republic of Nigeria. All na politics abi?
4 weeks gone. Have they found the Chibok girls?Suicide bombers everywhere in the north. E no concern you abi? Them never reach Lagos?

The robbery on Thursday that lasted for 2 hours or more in Lagos and our police couldn’t stop them because the police have been deployed somewhere else. You see you’re not safe on the island wey you pack go leave boys for hood

RIP to the girl selling fish to survive. She was killed while trying to make a life for herself. That could have been your sister, ur friend, ur cousin, aunt. Tear We have the best economy in Africa abi? but $1 – N215
Nigeria survives on importation – we import everything from Petrol, candles, cars, generator. we even import Food but salary no increase. Do the maths Study
GEJ where is our missing $20billion oil money?
Immigration Job scam! Youths died no government official got fired or queried – FAAN job scam going Now!Our Power sector gone worse. wattapun? is it APC too

Stella Odua aviation corruption and scam.A government SCAMMING it’s own people. MUMU people

GEJ knows you’ll forgive and forget about his N150/Litre 2012 new year gift and vote him again cos ya a MUMU
U are a MUMU if you think after 4yrs and Buhari doesn’t perform I won’t ask for change again.
Vote GEJ out of Aso Rock! Rise up and stop being a MUMU
Omo naija E RONU…..

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY- Ibrahim muhammed aka ibradani


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