Arabanbi 3rd, TAYE CURRENCY Was NEVER Deported From London (read full gist)


recently there was rumour of deportation of Alhaji. Chief. Taiwo Akande Adebisi popularly known as (Taye Currency) an ibadan based fuji Star, who was formally In a caucus named Arabanbi Family which is head the fuji industry, he was Arabanbi the 3rd, along side Alhaji. Chief. Wasiu Alabi Pasuma Arabanbi the 2nd and Alhaji. Chief. Wasiu Ayinde Marshal Arabanbi the 1st. He was in London recently where he performed at an event successfully and there was no trace of deportation whatsoever compared to what a blogger lifted up to disgrace his name.

He started his musical carrier in the early 80s, when he use to be a backup artist to his brother. Among all the Ibadan musicians, Taye Currency has been outstanding, and he is on top of the world of the fuji industry presently and in resent times. Taye Currency is not just based in Ibadan Nigeria. Frequently he travels on musical and private tours to top international counties of the World. He has been to, the United State, the United Kingdom, China, Germany, France, Dubai,Ivory Coast, Egypt, Ghana, italy, ireland, Senegal, Turkey, Cameroon, Morocco, amongst others, presently about to start his Malaysia tour, which is to commence
by October 2014. Alhaji. Chief. Taiwo Akande Adebisi (Taye Currency) among Fuji Musicians,has spice up his career with couple of international and local awards, recently he was honored with a chieftains title ( Apesin of Music ) the english translation of Apesin is CORNER STONE, by the Alaafin of Oyo. Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, the traditional ruler, of the Yoruba’s. Taye Currency among fuji celebities in Nigeria, is the first to buy cars for all his managers (15) of them. He recently Completed his multimillion naira, twin duplex in Oluyole Estate of Ibadan, Nigeria, and in few months he will complete one of his Private Mansion, in Bodija Estate, of Ibadan, Nigeria. Taye Currency has been putting up ideas and is still spicing up his carrier with lots of platform to take his musical carrier to the highest standard, recently he has been going on musical collaborations with Hip-hop artist, he has Collaborated with artist like Oritse Femi, track
titled: MONEY, which Video will be out Soon Isolate Arafada, track titled: KOSERE, and the Set is Davido, which will be released alongside one of the World’s most loved international. Artist, Akon. Taye Currency among fuji stars in Nigeria has been performing for different top political parties, campaigns, awareness and other functions. while returning from Umrah, in Saudi Arabia, In an interview with members of the Nigeria Union of Journalist (NuJ), he told the media men and women that, his been performing for top political parties in Nigeria, doesn’t mean he is a politician, he said this to correct the impression of people most especially in the South Western part of Nigeria, with rumor that he is a politician. He publicly announced he is not a politician, he only perform for those who pay for his performance at their political campaign, awareness, and other functions.KINDLY FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE/LIKE US ON:
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