Gunmen Rape and Rob Students at FRCN Training School


On Friday night, multiple gunmen reportedly robbed and raped many of the female trainee journalists at the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) Training School in Lagos.

Eyewitnesses told Vanguard that this is the third time gunmen have invaded the school, and that each time, male and female students are robbed, and females are raped.

Sources say they are surprised at how the robbers have been able to invade the premises three times in a row, especially as policemen were supposed to be guarding the school gate.

In addition to terrorizing students, the gunmen reportedly ransacked all the offices in the school, apparently in search of some important items.

However, police spokesperson, Ngozi Braide, said she was only aware of the burglary case, and not rape.

“I just got to hear today that the place has been burgled three times. But they had never reported. It’s only today that an official complaint was lodged. No case of rape was reported. Nobody has come forward to say that she was raped,” she said.


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