FREESTYLE- Mimic freestyle got rappers beefing him

I am da lyrical thunder,
I got my enemies rundown
Niggas wanna kiss my ass
My voice roaring like a bass
I get a shock of tornado
Scoring dem like fernado
I eat gals like potato
Dribbling dem like romario
Dis is just a freestyle
If u think u gat d got come n show ur style
I got dem down with my hook line
Every word I say has a solid ryhmes
Killing dem softly
Making dem horny
Getting dem wanna shake
Making dem feel d base
All dose small rappers can’t compete
Cos dey know say if dey do omo na six feet
Let dem do karika talk
They are down n I’m on top
All naija rappers energy are low
If they like let em make me their foe
When dey hear my flow they bow
Gals shout wow
And they scream loud
My rap is faster than sakurdie’s
They feeling me from lagos to markurdi
@minic I’m dropping down my pen here
Cos all dose rappers don start to fear

ORDER FOR RAP WRITE UP FROM MIMIC, let him write for you upcoming rappers, call naijabanger 07064355790 or bbm 272343cb


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